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Random Thoughts: Evict those #Occupying

The #Occupy movement has been taking some serious licks this week all over North America, but they continue to fight (still not really sure what they are fighting about, but it’s entertaining none the less). The fight now moves into the courts as municipalities attempt to take back their parks from these nefarious interlopers or at least clean the parks up a little. Here in Ottawa, they want the park back for Winterlude, which sounds fair, and if those folks are still there in February, good luck to them (sleeping in a tent in Ottawa during February strikes me as a real statement of your defiance (or stupidity, depending on your point of view)).

The markets continue their roller coaster ride, causing no end of consternation (even though many companies are announcing record profits). The markets seem to have adopted the Gasoline Price model, where the prices of things going up and down have very little basis in fact, they just simply go up and down randomly.

Are you preparing for Christmas? SO far we haven’t done much around the house, but we are listening to Christmas tunes hoping they will somehow get us in the spirit of the season. Maybe we should be thinking about an #OccupyXmas campaign to join in the festive fun?

In Ottawa we have daily stories about our transit system and the problems the Drivers are having with the ridership, and such, I have shied away from that topic, but when I start taking the bus in the winter, be sure you will hear from me, but this week I did talk about:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 950 folks who follow me, wow!

With Wall Street still being #occupied, what else could my favorite writers talk about? Certainly not that, but then again:

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Greensboro Woolworth Coffee Shop, Site of the Original Sit-in


We used to say we may be poor, but we’re proud, which would say that the pants might be torn, but they are clean.

Author: Joseph McNeil The spirit of the Greensboro 4 lives on

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