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Dell does Finally Deliver

My saga with Dell seems to have come to an end, with the delivery of the system (a month after I ordered it, and a different configuration) and now Dell have actually agreed and refunded me $160. I do seem to have a computer (although I haven’t booted it up yet) but throughout this I have been hounded by the relentless Dell sales support hot line (which I guess is somewhere in India or nearby).

In the past month I have received countless e-mails from the Sales Support Folks about the initial system I ordered, and why it wasn’t going to be delivered (no reason was really given, even though my guess of no hard disks available is still valid in my estimation). I have also been in an e-mail discussion about how if I ordered on Cyber Monday the same system was $160 cheaper, and a final e-mail discussion about how my order was being changed because my initial order wasn’t going to be delivered on time (or even late from what I was being told).

Am I happy? Due to the relentless calling, and e-mails I don’t think I’d say happy would describe me, satisfied with the conclusion is a better description of how I feel, but I now must deal with the voice mails (at two separate phones (work and home) and all the e-mails about the refund).

As Mrs. C8j points out there is a thin line between good customer service and harassment, I suspect that I may have ruffled a few feathers with my complaints, so maybe I deserve the “full court press” from the Dell Support Center, but I hope these will abate soon. My guess is they will also start hounding me to fill in a customer satisfaction survey, and if that happens, I suspect my Christmas may be spent in further discussion with these folks.

All of this for a $400 lap top? Guess I should have just walked down to the Future Shop?

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