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Prices Going Up

I was going over this web site’s 3 and 5 year plan and my current balance sheet for this business and have realized that the only way that I can keep writing and keep up the high quality of posts on this site, I will have to raise the price of accessing this site by 100%.

I apologize to my regular readers for this, but it is the cost of doing business and with the current economic situation it is the only way I can keep up this professional well written web site, so as of tomorrow, the cost of reading my post will increase 100%.

OK, let’s get out our calculators and figure out how much this price increase is going to be:

  • Currently the cost of accessing and enjoying for my readers is Zero, Bupkis, Gratis and without cost (a great deal at the price).
  • 100% increase of nothing is still nothing (zero times zero is zero)
  • Thus the cost tomorrow to enjoy this site will still be Zilch, Nada, nothing and the Null Set.

Yes, sometimes you need to read the entire post to figure out what exactly is being said (in this case, silliness and pulling of your figurative legs). There are actual costs of running this site, but they are offset by my advertisers and such, so no worries, I won’t be charging for access to this site (I do not have enough hubris or chutzpah to do that any how).

The moral of this post? Always read things completely before forming an opinion (and don’t take much of what I say too seriously either).


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  1. Reading, reading comprehension and listening may be lost arts! Thanks to the media, everything is becoming sound bites!

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