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Fun and Sunday Thoughts

The week has brought us more revelations about who is allowed to be “Captain” of the cruise ships that are out there, along with fascinating stories like the alleged, “… I fell into the life boat…”? Wow, now that is a novel excuse, that’s even better than “… the dog ate my homework…”.

The weather in Ottawa continues to be interesting, and hopefully, it will hold for the All-Star game weekend, as folks are skating on the canal. Yes, the world’s longest skating rink is open once again.

With the release of the remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Canada had its spy fiasco, complete with Russian folk being expelled and such. It sounds like something, right out of the story, no wait, IT WAS!

We also lost a gifted athlete with the tragic death of Aerial Skier Sarah Burke, but what was even scarier was that her family might have been stuck with a medical bill of over $500K. Luckily, donations seem to be covering that. It points out the importance of having good medical coverage no matter who you are!

This week on my Twitter feed my combing of my archives found a few interesting long-lost gems to help accentuate my posts for the week as well:

  • Snowbound personal finances was actually written when I was stuck at home a while ago, thanks to a snow storm.
  • While men’s health does have basis in facts I still have skeptics who don’t believe that Viagra has saved many men’s lives.
  • The number of requests for Guest Posts on my site is astounding, and I wrote on one of my other blogs an open reply to all those folks who send me requests: guest posts: please stop the madness!
  • With Suze Orman’s debit card idea fresh in my head, I let fly with my old article about Free Banking, and how it isn’t as hard to get this as you might think

Enjoy your Sunday!

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