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OMG Giveaway Time: Turbotax

Given the RRSP season is actually here, but to take full advantage of this, you need your tools to figure out whether buying RRSPs now is a good thing. Our friends at Intuit even offer a Free RRSP calculator on-line as well.

Did I say Giveaway? Yes, I did, all you need to do is comment on this exact article in the format of:

I want online Turbotax for free because….

That is it. Last year, I gave away the software and only got two applicants, so you have a darn good chance if you just leave a correctly formatted comment (and you must leave your e-mail address with the comment too, so I can send you the activation code).

I have five Turbotax Online activation codes that have been made available to me by my friends at Intuit, so go ahead and comment, what have you got to lose?

I will also be reviewing Turbotax in the next few weeks (again, I usually use this tool, so unless they have started using Elbonian programmers, I think I can  guess how the review might go).

Time to get those taxes in order folks, and you can do it for free! Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day February 14th 2012.


Feel Free to Comment

  1. I want online Turbotax for free because . . . I’ve been using it for 10 years now and think the product gets better every year . . .

  2. I want Turbo Tax for free because I would like to compare it with the software I have been using for quite some time, namely UFile.


  3. I want TurboTax for free because we have moved provinces and I don’t have a lot of time to figure out the different system of tax reporting here with a baby and toddler running circles around me all day! I would really appreciate the help from TurboTax!

  4. A Frugal Guy With Balance

    Nothing is free in life but I will gladly take a copy of turbo tax.

    I will advertise at our local seniors center to do a minimum of 5 tax returns with my almost free copy of Turbo Tax.

  5. I want online Turbotax for free because I have used TurboTax for three years but the price is now so out-of-line with its competiion ($39.99 versus $15.50) that I will be forced to switch if I don’t get it for free. I like TurboTax’s guide system and it’d be easier to use last year’s information.

  6. I don’t want TurboTax. I use Studiotax for free already. It’s easy to use, and fits my budget. I used to use Intuit products, but they kept raising prices.

  7. I want online TurboTax for free because I filed my taxes last year with no program. Making 1 mistake makes for a lot of recalculating. A program would be easier.

  8. I want online Turbotax for free because my taxes will be different this year as my circumstances have changed so I want a reliable program to make sure I’m doing everything right.

  9. I want online TurboTax for free because we have used it before and it is simple and easy, also we are working on getting out of debt and this is one way to save some money! thanks

  10. I want online Turbotax for free because I’ve been paying for it for years and thought it would be a good idea to do it for “free” this year if possible.

  11. I want online Turbotax for free because it is a great program and I will be using it to complete my wife’s and mom’s taxes. I will take the savings and add them to my RRSP 🙂

  12. I want online Turbotax for free because i always use uFile but would really love to try an alternative for a change. I heard about Turbotax but this would push me over the edge to give a shot. Please and thank you.

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