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Did You Know the CRA Has a YouTube Account?

Indeed it does! Our friends at the CRA are working to help folks like me who don’t like reading much, by creating some very helpful videos to explain the various rules and tricks to do your Income Tax Returns. The CRA YouTube account can make your tax filing easier.

Are they really explanatory and useful videos? I think they are, they don’t go into gory details, but they are still quite useful, and they introduce the topics quite well, and make you aware of things that you might have forgotten about, or maybe didn’t even know.

I subscribe to their YouTube channel, so when they upload new videos (and they seem to be doing that often this early tax season) you get told about them as well.

Did you want to know about filing on line ? There is a video for that:

Are you a new comer to Canada, and want to learn how to file your taxes? There is an entire youtube playlist for that!

There are a bunch of other useful videos, for folks who learn better visually.

At least subscribe to their channel, that way you might even be tweek’ed by the topics they are uploading videos about.

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  1. Really? Did you actually watch the video?
    I’m so sorry your personal experience with the child fitness/activity credit has been so bad.


  2. I wonder why they don’t show the other side of the singe person working hard to make a living and the CRA reaching in to their pocket and taking them money and giving it to sports teams who then get the idea that they can now raise prices because parents have free money, thus blocking low income children from sports teams because they don’t get credits anyway.

    Hooray for unintended consequences.

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