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As RRSP season comes to a frenzied end, we must remember that this means that Income Tax season is now upon us, and we must all start thinking about submitting our returns to the CRA.  Many folks have opinions about the value of getting a rebate (as opposed to making sure that on “Tax Day” you don’t owe anything nor are owed anything), I like the feel of getting a rebate, however, not too large a rebate (I don’t like loaning the government large sums of money over the year).

In Ottawa we got another rollicking reminder that Mother Nature is an unpredictable lady, a snowstorm on Friday made life interesting here and there is promise of more snow to come. I am learning that all bus systems have their issues dealing with snowstorms, at least I managed to get home in one piece.

I found one of my favorite videos from Rick Mercer videos, and will include it after my regular run down of my Tweets for the week:

This is a real, oldie, but goody! Knee in my Package from Rick Mercer.

Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 max

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