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Happy Leap Day!

It’s a very unique day, in that it doesn’t happen very often (once every 1450-ish days is pretty rare), and for those who have birthdays on this day, you have my condolences (I am talk to you Henri Richard).

What could we do financially on a Leap Day? This time, Leap Day lines up so that for me (and other folks who get paid bi-weekly on a Wednesday (this Wednesday)) February actually has 3 pay days, so that is a reason to dance happily (no, no videos will be posted of this dance (except maybe by my kids)). I could make 3 mortgage payments this month, but I think I will push it one day, and make the extra payment in March.

Evidently you are supposed to Froggy things (since Frogs leap), but I would say you should do things Lemur-like (since Leaping Lemurs makes a much better alliteration).  Are Lemurs very judicious about their money? Can’t say as I have read too much about how Lemurs are cheap, or careful with their money, so maybe we can forget about that idea.

You have an extra day to pay any bills that are due at the end of the month, yes it is only one day, but February is a crappy month for those kind of bills (you only had 28 days to pay, now you have 29). Enjoy the extra day with your money.

If you have some extra money lying around, maybe make:

  • A Leap Mortgage payment (an extra payment on top of your regular payment)
  • A Leap Credit Card Payment (get out of that debt trap sooner)
  • Make a Leap RRSP payment (for those in Canada)

Yes in Canada we have an extra day to make an additional payment into our RRSPs, and have it count on last year’s income, which if you have extra money (and no debts to pay, and RRSP room) might not be a bad idea as well.

What other financial Leap Day things could you do?


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  1. And for those who rent their home, they have one extra day for the same amount of rent payment. yahoo! And for those who purchased metro pass, they have one more day to use the pass.

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