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Comments, Stupidity, Me and Random Thoughts

There has been a marked increase in the number of real comments that are being added to my posts, and I must say I am very happy to see it. I have been asking for more comments (by asking questions in my posts), so I am glad to see folks answering the questions or simply voicing their opinions, it kind of validates me doing this. For your info, I am still receiving about 50 SPAM comments for every “real” comment, not sure what the spammers think is going to happen, but I am still being deluged with “wiener enhancement” comments too.

Thanks to last week’s post Are Canadians Stupid (about money), there was a retort of such by another blogger (mentioned below) which in turn caused Rob Carrick to highlight this follow-up (again look in my list of articles to read this week). Nice to see one of my ditties can cause ripples in the financial blogosphere.

I also wrote a Civil Servant’s point of view article, from which I have received positive feedback (from other Government of Canada Serfs (#GOCSerfs on Twitter)). You may see me talking about myself in specific in the next few weeks, I have been chatting with some experienced writers who are encouraging me to come out of hiding and give my readers a profile of myself. We shall see how this might roll out.

Weekly Recap

Lots of great comments this week and some pretty diverse topics written by me:

  • I did manage to get a Sunday best of Twitter post out with Bank Rates Hover, Daylight Savings, and Sunday’s Best, where I do also talk about hovering Bank of Canada rates as well.
  • Statistics Canada must have hired a few Nortel Accountants because when they say Unemployment Dropped in February, it is only because folks stopped looking for jobs, which isn’t something to be happy about.
  • I got very philosophical with Why Don’t They Empty the Dishwasher, wondering if kids just don’t understand the importance of some tasks, when they ignore them.
  • Going away to school can be expensive, as I try to point out with The Cost of University Residence, but I got some interesting responses to my assertion about cars and kids staying at home for University.
  • I was expecting much more salacious comments to I am a Civil Servant, but I am pleased to see the discourse staying at a very mature level.
  • Stupid Canadians, Spring melt-offs and Random Thoughts Are Canadians stupid monetarily? I didn’t get too many replies to my query in my post yesterday, but I will stick by the statement that Canadians are mostly uneducated about money.

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter. Check out my Facebook page as well .

Some quite interesting stuff happened this week, and as usual, I can give you the 4-1-1 on where to find this great info:

Are we That Dumb?

Is Spring Springing?

“Nothing can confound a wise man more than laughter from a dunce.”

  • George Byron

Feel Free to Comment

    1. As you are learning, having a public debate that is then highlighted by main stream media gives you a very nice bump for a couple of days.

      You choose the subject, I’ll bring the rant!

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I enjoyed the Civil Servant’s point of view, but it is a great plan, no denying that. As you know, you’re fortunate to have it 🙂

    Enjoy the warm weather, should be a nice weekend in the GOA.

  2. BCM- Thx for the kind words, although I liked you better when I thought your were a red and gold guy (or whatever colour the Senators are)and not a Habs fan.

    Is it only me; when you write Rob Carrick mentioned you indirectly, that Canadians are stupid, that I read it as though he is commenting on your intelligence? 🙂

    1. It is implied, I am not that smart, don’t you read the stuff I write?!?!

      As for a Habs fan, it’s like trying to find NDP supporters in Ontario after Bob Rae was defeated, not many of us that admit to it these days.

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