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If You Bought It, Why Are You Complaining?

Money Comments: If You Bought It, Why Are You Complaining?

One of my new favourite websites is a site called Bro Tips. It has short “manly” comments (where “manly” is really a cover for straight common sense, it isn’t gender specific). For a while I read it and thought it was more of a “testosterone-laced” humour site. It actually it does seem to have some very sound money advice.

Every once in a while, they have a reference to money, and they had another good one last week:

manly money comments
A truly manly money comment

Seems pretty sensible to me. Just a simple statement about why you should live with your decisions and stop complaining (isn’t it)? I have heard women say this to each other as well, but it sounds a lot like fatherly advice or brotherly advice.

Here is another simple one, that is a good piece of advice:

manly money comments

I’ll extend that one to if someone gives your kid a lift to an event, buy them a coffee (at least) or drive their kids the next time. Someone does you a favour, you don’t have to gush and overplay things, but you should at least recognize that someone is helping you out.

Manly Money Tips ?

Be a financial “Bro“,  you all know what the right decisions are, do them. Don’t act like you should get a reward for it, doing the right thing’s biggest reward is, you did the right thing. If you hear of someone being convinced to buy a Vodka Hedge fund, step in and ask why they think this is a good idea.

Please don’t construe Manly as being a gender commentary. Be a good friend, who lives to a good credo is really what is meant here. I have already received comments about how this is sexist. My apologies, but that is not the sentiment being put forward.

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  1. Hi Big Cajun, this is the first time I’ve heard of bro tips but it sounds like an interesting site. I think I will check it out. And the tips that you (re) shared are very good one and very cool!

    Friends always think of friends – ok, well they should anyway!

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