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Procrastinating Tax Payers?

So my friends at TurboTax sent me, in 2012, some interesting information they have collected about how (and more importantly, when) we Canadians submit our Tax returns.

Specifically, they told me:

It turns out yesterday was the biggest tax filing day in TurboTax history more Canadians filed their taxes on April 29th,using TurboTax, than any other day in the software’s history (and just one day shy of the final day of tax season). In fact, TurboTax helped Canadians put about $50 million back in their pockets yesterday.

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This goes with many other exciting dates in our Calendar, such as:

  • Mother’s Day used to be the day when the most long-distance phone calls were made
  • Father’s Day used to be the day when the most COLLECT long-distance phone calls were made
  • Saint Patrick’s day {fill in whichever drinking joke you’d like here}

The comment about TurboTax putting money back in folks’ pockets is interesting, and I’ll allow it since they were kind enough to give me copies to give away (and a copy to review).

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Turbotax also keeps data on where the biggest procrastinators live in Canada, which is attractive as well:

As a reminder here are the cities Intuit has identified as those who wait until the last amen to file (based on Intuit data from April 29-30, 2011):

  1. Toronto
  2. Calgary
  3. Vancouver
  4. Edmonton
  5. Ottawa
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Mississauga
  8. Victoria
  9. Montreal
  10. Surrey

Montreal doesn’t have that many procrastinators? Interestingly, Ottawa having procrastinators (Tax wise) is not surprising either.

Thanks to TurboTax for sharing some fun Tax Data about Canadians.

Canajun Finances Home » Procrastinating Tax Payers?

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