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The Khan Academy and Wealth Destruction

A friend knows that I am always on the look out for interesting sites where folks do lectures explaining things and he suggested that I check out the Khan Academy since it seems to have a plethora of information on pretty much, everything. I have included a two-part video on Wealth Destruction from Housing Bubbles, which is at least thought-provoking (I will open the floor to others to discuss whether it is correct or not) (go to the bottom of this post to find the videos).

I strongly suggest you check out my Twitter Feed, I have been told it is quite entertaining, and I will be attempting to add my own personal commentary on life in there as well. What did you miss if you haven’t subscribed yet? Here is a taste of some of the OBG (Oldie but Goody) gems I posted:

  •  In my early days I used to brag about my prowess (at installing computer crap), as I did here with Investment: High Tech (spoiler alert: has nothing to do with investing).
  • I have sat on both sides of the hiring “experience” and a pet peeve I have is folks thinking “business casual” means shorts and flip-flops (for an interview) thus I ranted Job Hunting Hints: Dress for the Job Fair.
  • I do have a sister blog (where I write occasionally) where I write about the business of blogging, thus Guest Posts: Please Stop the Madness addressed those who wish to write a guest post on this esteemed tome.
  • In 2009 One in Seven of us Was a Senior Citizen, that number is decreasing (quickly) (i.e. we are all getting older).
  • The Quarterly Financial Status Report is an old idea of mine, where you publish (to your spouse usually) a quarterly financial status report to force yourself to figure out where you stand, it will help you feel more in control of things (financially).
  • One of my most brutally honest posts is my Top 5 Investing Regrets which you should read just so you don’t make the same dumb-ass moves I have done in my life.
Part 1: Wealth Destruction
Part 2: Wealth Destruction

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  1. Will have to check out Khan Academy! Business casual has always seemed like a ill-phrased term to me…there’s nothing casual about it. That doesn’t excuse not knowing what it means, though. Following on twitter! 🙂

  2. I’ve always been meaning to check out the Khan Academy more some day. It seems like such a cool concept to be sharing so much quality knowledge like that. Unfortunately it’s just tough to fit that into a busy life. I’m gonna have to go on a learning binge when I’m more caught up on things.

    1. I’d say do 1 or 2 topics a week and that is good enough. I have watched a bunch of the finance stuff and am watching a few of the Math ones as well, really good stuff, just time consuming!

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