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Sure Fire Father’s Day Gifts

Being a Father of 4 I feel I have a certain level of expertise when it comes to Father’s Day and what the ideal gift for a Father would be, so with this in mind I will offer you my suggestions for the perfect gift for your Dad on Father’s Day.

Remember, that before Skype, free long distance and such, Father’s Day was the day when the most COLLECT long distance phone calls were made (which sums up Father’s nicely (in my opinion)).

What are these great Father’s Day Gift ideas?

  • Move out of your Dad’s basement, and start living out of your own pocket, and not out of his. Yes, your Dad says it is OK, but ask yourself do you want YOUR kids living in YOUR basement?  This sounds so simple, but you’d be surprised how many kids don’t quite get that one.
  • Show your Dad your latest Credit Card bill with a ZERO dollar balance, to show him that you are not in debt and you know how to take care of your money. Your Dad would LOVE to see that one.
  • Buy your Dad a coffee, or a bottle of scotch and give him a day of peace and quiet, again, you’d be surprised how many folks haven’t figured that out. Dads are OK with a small celebration, a card and a Happy Fathers Day, that’s cool (and also remember it’s his day, so don’t bring YOUR friends over).
  • Buy your Mother a lovely gift, because most Fathers are really happy,  when their wives are happy (think about this one folks).
  • Tell your Dad the favorite thing that he said to you. He most likely won’t even remember saying it, but also tell him why it was important to you.
  • Say thanks to your Dad for working hard for you. How?  “Let Dad have the big piece of chicken!“, to quote Chris Rock

Just Call

He’d love to hear from you.

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  1. My dad is one of the weirdest kind of persons when it comes to receiving a gift. He is the one who always keeps on saying that he doesn’t want us to buy anything for him as he already has ample amount of collections of his own. So I guess buying something for my mom would be great as he will genuinely be happy seeing that.

  2. Get Him The BEST Gift this Father’s Day!
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