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Happy Father’s Day and Sunday’s Best

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, I hope your kids at least did a “Wassup? Happy Dad’s Day. Can I borrow the car?” or something similar to that (Dads understand what I mean). It is a little melancholy for me as it is my second Dad’s Day without my Dad, but I will choose to remember him and celebrate him (his sense of humor and everything he did for me).

Hopefully, you all at least called your Dad. Have you bought him a tie? You don’t have to do much, but do something just so he knows you appreciate him.

On my world-famous twitter feed (well not yet, but maybe soon), you missed me rehash many of my favorite old posts, many pointing out the importance of Dads:

Do you need a Father’s Day video? How about a talk from Ted by Sarah Kaminsky: My father the forger, now does that not sound cool?

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  1. Thank you for your best video sharing, and for “Remembering my Dad I remembered him with Advice: Best Financial Advice Ever Received, which I still remember fondly” same me, my dad passed away peacefully for long time but his advise about personal finances that I ever received from him still great till present.

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