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Football, Heat, Drafts and Sunday’s Best as well

Euro 2012 is getting down to it, with an interesting metaphor for the entire Euro Financial meltdown, when Germany smashed Greece (hey, someone had to point that one out). Football as a metaphor for finances? Whodathunkit?

It has been hot here in Ottawa, but may start cooling off in the next few days (we can hope), lots of plants are looking burnt, as is my grass. The Lawn fix it services keep coming by and asking me if I want to buy their services, I have a stock answer, “… does it look like I give a crap about my grass?”, they usually go away quickly after that.

The NHL Hockey draft has come and gone as well, and now we have to ask, “Who screwed up the most?”. The thing with the draft is it is a lot like a financial plan, you can’t tell whether it was any good for a few years (gotta love those sports finance metaphors).

On the Twitter feed we eclipsed 1100 followers, which is cool, but it does keep going up and down (so I guess folks follow for a while, and then unfollow). Sorry if you have left, hope you come back one day, but I did bring back some oldies buy goodies from the archives (they are marked (OBG) if you are curious):

  • With Fathers and Money I reminisced about my Dad (who passed away last year), parents do actually teach their kids a lot about money (even if they don’t realize it).
  • With Computer Virus Scan is it a Scam? I point out that the whole computer virus game is a bit of a mug’s game, but what can you do about it?
  • You know you are really secure when Your Shredder Overheats, but maybe you should do it in smaller loads?
  • Men’s Health brings up the point that if it wasn’t for Viagra a lot of men would NEVER go to the Doctor.
  • What would your answer be if I had a Trillion Dollars (to paraphrase our friends at the Bare Naked Ladies)?

Remember to check out the Twitter feed, and various other Social Media places where I live (including this page on Facebook as well).

You keep seeing the TLA ETF appear and wonder what we are all talking about? That’s OK, I only found out because the N.C.F.B.A. explained it to me (in mono-syllabic (or less) words). Here is a good video from Khan Academy to help you with the concept(s):

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