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What is the 4th of July ?

A while ago, I had a post on the 4th of July What does the 4th of July Mean? For some reason, that post had a huge readership for the day (not sure why, but what the heck), so with that in mind, here is another fun view of the 4th of July from America’s younger brother to the North.

To Canadians the 4th of July is a fun time to watch our American friends have a good time, since (I have said previously) no one seems to have a good time celebrating their country as much our noisy Brothers down south.

You Yanks have a great time, and I hope to one day spend a 4th of July in the States (OK I have once or twice, but it was in an Airport, so that doesn’t really count).

Lady Liberty’s Unveiling

The 4th of July is really the beginning of the summer for the Northern Hemisphere (OK Canada Day is as well).

As I have also pointed out the year is now over half over, how have your financial plans gone so far? Gone down in flames, or up in smoke like the fireworks on the 4th of July? There is time to restart it all, so don’t give up hope.

Lady Liberty’s torch can be your beacon to lead you out of the darkness of your financial black hole (yeh it’s cheesy, but still a useful metaphor).

Is the U.S. economy in a shambles? Maybe, but this is the U.S., it needs to every once in a while show a little weakness and then “Hulk Up” and show the world just how strong an economy they are.

Happy birthday the United States of America, you don’t look a day over 200 (which I also remember vividly as well). Blow off more explosives than the Canadian Armed Forces, guzzle more beer than the volume of Lake Superior, and chow down millions of hot dogs, it’s time to celebrate!

The spirit of 1776 lives on!

Fourth of July

Enjoy blowing things ups today! BOOM!

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  1. I wonder if the ex-pats celebrate in Canada? Summer starts in the states after Memorial Day at the end of May. I guess that part is geographical! LOL!

  2. lol funny that one of your popular posts from last year is about the 4th of July. I liked the line about blowing off more explosives than the Canadian Armed Forces. I guess that’s not really saying much though. I’d think some states would do that all on their own.

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