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Advice and Top 10 Advice Lists

For my regular readers (all 12 of you, from what I can tell), you know that I am very reluctant to hand out advice (mostly because a lawyer friend of mine warned me about publishing advice in a blog) but after spending the past weekend reviewing many of my older posts (in trying to clean up the mess that is my archive and possibly to figure out what I have written about for the past 7 years), I must admit I sure as heck give out a hell of a lot of advice! The other thing I really hate is top 10 advice lists, which claim to help, but are so obvious how don’t folks know this?

Last year, I got a little silly and came up with what I thought was the best Top 10 advice Lists I could write:

10 Steps to a Debt Free Life

If you look at this list, you will figure out that while I am not saying it is easy to live debt free, the method to do it, is relatively straight forward (in my estimation). I think I would stand behind this as a method for how to start fighting your way out of debt, since it does outline so many of those tough questions I have been asked about how do I start getting out of debt.

Many folks really do think it is simple to live debt free and to get out of debt. I am not saying that, in fact. I think I am pointing out that even though it seems very simple, it is not simple at all, but that is mostly because we make Personal Finance and Spending too complicated. Allow me to clarify that by pointing out:

  • Spending money is very simple for most of us through: Debt Cards, and Credit Cards.
  • Saving should be as simple, given we have on-line banking and apps on our smart phones to use this, however, those apps must be hard to use, because most of us, don’t save!

Debt A Programmatic Explanation

If you still don’t get what I am saying, here is a helpful graphic as well:
top 10 advice lists

Debt and Savings as a Simplistic Programmatic Explanation

Advice is kind of going to be the theme of the OBG posts on my twitter feed this week, so watch for those as well.

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  1. Now that just made my day… your 12 regular readers from what you can tell lol. I don’t think I give out advice per say but I do say what we do that helps us to where we are today. Living debt free is not easy but it’s a lifestyle choice. Some people don’t mind having debt and that’s ok too. I’m never one to judge as my life in the end is truly the one I’m living. Have a great day mate! Cheers

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