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Happy Labour Day and Sunday’s #best

Yes, it is Labour Day Monday, up with the proletariat, down with the oppressive bourgeoisie, but given that I was on the road most of this past weekend, you are getting my Sunday post today (I can hear you all clapping with glee). Yes, it was back to school for most of my family this past weekend, with my son being the only one remaining around the house.

Tomorrow mes amis Quebecois vote, and it could mean for contre temps in the Canadian Political Spectrum, which is always fun for bloggers and the “mainstream news media” as well. There is already talk of another Anglo-exodus and housing prices dropping in Quebec (could it be another 1976? I doubt it, but it won’t stop folks inferring it).

Thalidomide maker apologizes for what it did 50 years ago? All I can say is FINALLY!

If you are one of my TWEEPS then you are cognizant of the brilliant banter on my feed, however there may be a few of you who missed out on some of the best tweets of the week:

Here is a Labour Day Present from the Khan Academy (as seen on 60 minutes) as well, explaining what LIBOR is:

What is LIBOR? Time to let the Khan Academy explain it

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  1. I really wish I had more time to check out the stuff from sites like Khan Academy. It’s pretty awesome the kind of info they share on there for free. I just get so caught up managing my blog and doing work for my employer. It seems there’s never enough time. Anyways I hope your long weekend road trip went well.

  2. I read that cheque post — as a former bank employee, I have to say that the computers going down is one of the worst possible events. What she was doing is exactly what she would have done in 1987. She was preparing the cheque for paper processing. Instead of entering it in the bank’s ledger after the bank closed and shipping the cheque off for processing, she was preparing it to be entered in the bank’s computerized ledger after the computers came back online.

    If the computers go down then, as a point of courtesy, I’d encourage you to:
    — complain to the right people, e.g. the branch manager or TD customer service line, about the right issue, i.e. that TD didn’t give its employees reliable systems to use (kind of scary that they don’t have a redundancy for their computers in TO, right?)
    — deposit the cheque in the ATM. This is by far the safest way to do it. Your account gets credited instantly (not all the funds will be accessible depending on the hold policy), the cheque goes into an encoded envelope in the ATM’s vault, then it gets shipped out directly that night or the next morning for processing at a large cheque clearing facility.
    — do what the one commenter said and write “For deposit only to…” on the back of the cheque; if it’s not a bank draft, certified cheque, or money order, then it’s a contract not cash so I wouldn’t be extremely worried other than the risk of ID theft (if your wallet got stolen, I’d be a lot more scared about ID theft from the cards than from a cheque).

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