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Summer is Over ? and Sunday’s #MoneyTalk

A busy and exciting week , and at the end of it both Ontario and Quebec have Minority provincial governments. The Ontario Liberals are much closer, but still need 1 more seat to get that slim majority they crave, whereas the Parti-Quebecois is a great deal farther away from their goal of a majority. In my mind both minorities are a good idea for now, to stop any radical ideas being inserted in fragile economic situations (in both provinces).

The NFL season starts in earnest today (OK it started last week), which makes me look at that 80″ TV in Costco and think it might look good in my basement, but I believe there are a few more things in my house that need to be dealt with before I start adding luxury items such as this (but I can still dream).

On my twitter feed, there were some very interesting oldies that I found in my archives and shared with all of my tweeps:

  • It is always important to celebrate the workers control of the means of production, or Happy Labour Day.
  • The advice my Father gave me when I went off to University still holds true thus Advice to Future University Students will always be topical.
  • Chutzpah is a part of life and we must all at times show Still More Chutzpah, but first learn how to pronounce it.
  • It’s important to remember how much elapsed time is important to investing, hence Investing is Like Golf.
  • To celebrate the PQ minority Government in Quebec I give you C’est la Faute du Federal, the new (old) battle cry from the new Quebec provincial Government.
  • Some Weekend Video Fun to round out the week, well worth having a look at what Rick Mercer is up to.
  • Improvement requires continuous effort, no that is not one of mine that is from the Dalai Lama, you should follow him on Twitter too.

For your video enjoyment, one of my favorite Public Service Ads from the 60’s talking of the perils of smoking: Where are you a heading Johnny Smoke?

Where are you headed Johnny Smoke?

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