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Sinkholes, Gas Prices, No Hockey and Friday #Shoutouts

THe Infamous Ottawa Sinkhole™ continues to make news in the nation capital (as do all big holes that suck the life out of us (not a reference to the Federal Government or the Civil Service)). I smell a large law suit coming, because evidently the City was aware of the problem, but was hoping they could fix it later, the lucky chap who got entrapped by the sinkhole most likely has lawyers banging down his door!

Gas Prices in Ottawa soared by 7 cents to $1.34 per litre on Thursday, for no real reason, simply seemed like a good time to gouge the life out of the public (in my opinion). I am still running on the gas I got in Peterborough for $1.20 a litre but I may have to break down and buy some of this over priced gasoline. It could be worse, I could be in Montreal where gas is now $1.54 a litre (yikes).

So the Millionaires can’t agree with the Multi-Millionaires and thanks to that the start of the NHL season may be in jeopardy. I am not surprised by all of this, but it keeps making me wonder about the good old days of Clarence Campbell and John Ziegler when Hockey seemed to be the most important thing on the ice, not salaries and income for owners (also beer was only $2 at a game and your game ticket was usually less than $20, so yes I am showing my age). I as a parent cannot afford to take my kid to a game (even if he wanted to go), doesn’t sound like this is being addressed in these negotiations, so I guess I’ll just wait until they agree?

Back to work and back to school continues on for everyone around my house, yee haw!

Weekly Recap

Little danger of me going on strike (I may walk away from disinterest, but I will not go on strike):

  • Summer is Over but I also included some of the best Tweets from my Twitter feed as well
  • More jobs in August 2012 in Canada, Hot Dang which is great news from our friends at Statistics Canada.
  • September 11th certainly has become Another Day the World Changed and many would argue, not for the better, only time will tell what the final ramifications of this day will be.
  • Let’s Define Retirement is borrowed from a TD investing contest, but it is my philosophy on what I think retirement should be (and hopefully will be for me).
  • Replacing old Windows is not something cheap to do for your house, but in my case the job really did need to be done (bad insulation was the major factor).

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Links for the Week

Things are looking much more interesting in the Middle East with the murder of the American Ambassador to Libya (and 3 others), how is this all going to play out, and how will it affect us in terms of money, is a very good question:

Other Bookkeeping

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Millionaires don’t get along with other Millionaires == No Hockey

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  1. Modest Money – I have just recently started a new personal finance blog: Here I plan on teaching people to better manage their money through modest living. I will be exposing common money wasters and poor financial decisions. Together we can help each other take control of our money.

    The whole looming hockey lockout is pretty disappointing. It seems as if both sides were planning on a lockout before the negotiations even began. Basically make each other lose a bunch of money and see who caves first. I just hope it isn’t a full season lost like the last one.
    Also thanks for the mention BCM.

    1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

      Frankly, I am at the point of not caring. I may watch English soccer again, and say to heck with hockey (or get the Rugby channel and watch that in stead).

      Hockey may think they can recover from this, and well they might, but I am not so sure.

  2. My Own Advisor – Ottawa – Personal Finance and Investing Blogger

    Thanks for the mention BCM. As for MJ working for Google, no problem, smart guy 🙂

    Me, maybe not so much!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. bigcajunman – Ottawa, Ontario – A simple blogger writing about his financial experiences as the Father of a wonderful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also writes about security and WordPress technology.

      In the U.S. that seems to be the equation, and certainly in the Harper Government too!

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