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New iPhones, iOS 6.0 Dead Blackberries and #Tweets

This week Apple herded all their sheep into their stores to buy the new iPhone 5.0! Yes, I am one of the sheep but I only have an iPhone 3G (as you can tell from some of the grainy pictures I have published lately). The new iPhone boasts a few better things (better screen, a bit bigger in size) and a new OS, iOS 6.0. I have been trying that out on my iPad and I haven’t notice a huge change in a lot of things, however, I do note the fact that Apple has removed the Google Maps portion of things and my iPad no longer has a YouTube app on it either. Are these two technology Colossus going to bash heads soon?

In what can be called a supremely badly timed failure, RIM and it’s Blackberry had a system crash in Europe and Asia (almost coinciding with the new iPhone release). Goodness RIM is trying very hard to screw up these days (at least it seems like that to uninformed folks like me).

On the Twitter this week, we had Ricky Gervais quit and return to the Social Media leader and a bunch of interesting tweets of some of my older posts (as well):

Enjoy the coming week and remember it is Autumn now, how far away is 2013? Not very far!

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