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How Easy is Your PIN to Crack? or Spaceballs the PIN!

Over at Data Genetics, they did a little PIN Safety study and they found out that there are a lot of dumber-than-posts people out there, because the most popular PIN is 1234. Really you say? Yes, I reply.

Remember this scene from Space Balls?

Maybe a little too simple a combination?

Dark Helmet was right, if your PIN is 1234 (or 12345 in this instance) that is the stupidest password in the world.

These are the WORST PIN you can Have!

I enjoy it when accurate statistics come out to blow the whistle on those lazy folks who think their birthday or the like is a good PIN for their security system.

Want the best PIN to have? I won’t spoil it for you but a really good one is 6835, check the link above and you’ll see what might be the best choices (but now these are known, are they the best any more? Maybe 1234 is now the best?).

Gotta love some of those PINs, read the article, you may want to go out and change your PIN, very quickly.

It might be fun to ask if you can add another number to your PINs? Of course going to 12345 as a PIN, might not be that good either? Buy Spaceballs the movie too, it’s available on Blu-Ray.

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