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Spending Money to Make Money

Wait a minute, this is not some hair-brained scheme to use credit card advances to buy stock options or something (and no I do not think this is a good idea, I do not recommend it, and if you do it, you are freaking nuts!).

What I am talking about is that there are situations where you are going to have to spend money to make money in this life. What examples do I have?

  • Paying for postage to send in your medical insurance claims. I usually have to spend 60 cents or so, to mail in my forms (when I can’t submit things on-line) but pay out for this can be anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on what I am claiming. A very worthwhile expenditure of money, in my estimation.
    • I suppose if you pay for your medical insurance premiums, another example of spending money to not have to spend as much money.
  • These days to get a letter stating that I was ill from my Doctor so I can claim either short-term disability, or an extended illness costs about $25, but again, it is a needed expense, so I would pay it.

Now those are just a couple of examples where at times you must outlay some money, so that in the end you get more money (the basis for investing, I suppose), are there any examples that I am missing?

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  1. I have this friend who keeps telling me about different jobs that he has heard about. And they are all jobs to work from home and earn as much $7,,000.00 a week. I have explained how I feel, these jobs all want money upfront from you for their explanation on how to get rich quick. My feelings are you do npot pay to get a job, you get a job and then you get paid. That’s it and that’s all there is to it. I do not believe that he believes me. Please help me to make him believe me…OR I so wrong.?

  2. Another example is that Nigerian prince who needs me to send money to him to be able to get his millions into the country. Still waiting to hear back from his highness.

    With online business it sure helps a lot to be willing to spend some money. I’ve often hired marketing help for my other websites in order to make more money down the road.

  3. Needing to mail certain claims (e.g. above a certain threshhold) rather than doing them electronically is a huge pet peeve. I mean, come on. Let me SCAN the receipt. It’d save us all processing time/cost.

    1. Agreed, and if Sun Life and Manulife actually talked to each other I might be able to do that, except, they don’t, so I must mail lots of stuff and keep copious records on what went which way.

  4. You know I almost think that everything we put money out for is in some form or another a way to make more money. Whether it be gas in your car to go to work or paying to upgrade or move your blog to the next level so you can advertise and make some cash. How about buying clothes for work so you can make money or paying a lawyer to represent you to win a case etc etc… It’s that saying money comes in and money goes out.. it’s a revolving door and if somehow we can capture a bi of it and hide it.. we are lucky. Great post. Mr.CBB

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