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Defections, Lost Tapes and #Zombie Tweets

Evidently three Cuban soccer players defected before their game against Canada on Friday, which explains why they only had 11 players total for the game. Haven’t seen this kind of mass defection in a while, glad to see Canada is such a nice place to live in that folks will defect to it, good on us! Oh and Canada won the game as well, so we are still in the world cup qualifying tourney as well. Christine Sinclair got suspended for 4 games for her comments about the crappy officiating at the Olympics in the Semi-final game, in other football/soccer news. My opinion is her comments while a little stern, were ostensibly correct as well.

TD evidently has misplaced some tapes with personal information on a lot of their customers in the U.S. . As one of TD’s customers, allow me to voice my displeasure if these tapes are not found (even if my information is not on them).  If you find these tapes, please call your local TD branch, I’m sure they’ll pick them up from you.

The Quebec surete are making more raids in the on going Maple Syrup scandal as well. Only in Canada would their be someone attempting to manipulate the Maple Syrup Market.

For my tweeps, not so many sweet stories this week, but a cavalcade of interesting archive posts (note the new buttons in the upper right of my page as well):

Enjoy the run up to Halloween!

For those curious, yes the Khan Academy does have a point of view on Pay Day Loans as well:

Payday Loans: How Payday lending works

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