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Financial Skeletons in the Closet?

A valid theme for a Halloween, are there financial skeletons in your closet?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, honesty with money is the cornerstone of any relationship. If you go into any relationship with secrets that you can’t, or won’t tell your partner, will the relationship last? I have no bloody idea, in general, I am the last person anyone should talk to about relationships (I am lucky I found Mrs. C8j, and am astounded most days that she remains with me), however with money I feel more confident in my advice.

Dishonesty about money with your spouse or partner about money always ends badly. Hiding details about your financial world is much like the following example:

Take a 4 foot long and 8 inch wide tray that is about 4 inches deep, fill it with water, and pick it up. Now attempt to walk 100 yards without spilling any water, you will fail. 

The example is actually taken from a real world example from my Father, when he worked in the BBC Canteen in London, and he had to do that exact thing, and yes, as soon as you are out of balance it all goes to heck in a hand basket.

Now this is one heck of a skeleton to have in your closet

What kind of skeletons?

  • A massive credit card debt that you are bringing into your relationship, that you are sure you can pay off soon.
  • Impulse issues with buying things, or spending money (I believe you should watch the TV series Hoarders on how that can end up).
  • You claim that you are a highly paid civil servant, when in fact you are poorly paid civil servant

The list can be much longer.

Are there skeletons out there that you have heard of, or worse, you have in your financial closet?

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  1. I think I try to keep our relationship on pure romance basis. It is of nor importance whether s/he is totally in depth.

    While getting married, you are preparing for it…it is actually better to go through tough times when you are young together. It makes people understand each other better and do not afraid being poor later in life. The reason is – you will hardly ever become poor than when you started.

    Talk and honesty is of a paramount importance, but lets not forget why are we together.

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