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U.S. Election Finally Over (aka Everybody Take a Valium!)

After living through the past 18 months, of bickering, and vitriol, that is the U.S. election (from ALL sides of the argument), all I can say is, Get the hell back to work, will ya?.

The U.S. is still an incredibly divided country, should be a painful 4 years, but hopefully the U.S. can pull out of this tailspin.

As an outside observer, I am astounded by the amount of time and effort in these elections. The Government effectively shuts down in March and the Political Silly Season begins. I have to admit that the entire spectacle is enthralling, and is sometimes more entertaining (and has more twists) than a Wagnerian Opera, however, I keep wondering, is this a good use of time and money?

Excellent advice Monsieur Levesque (for our friends down south too)

What does this mean financially? Political grid lock has its merits (as we have seen for the past 6 years in Canada, before the Tory majority), however, in the U.S. it is going to create yet another dangerous game of Chicken between the Congress, Senate and the President, is my guess. Given the tom-foolery and shenanigans in Europe this really does seem to suggest that our Monetary sh*te vortex is going to continue for a while longer.

And to quote Aislin after the 1976 election of the PQ in Quebec, “O.K. Everybody take a Valium!“. For those who said, “If Obama wins I am moving to Canada”, please rethink that, and realize that in Canada our Conservative Party makes your Democrats (the alleged liberal party in the U.S.) look very right-wing. Moving to Canada to escape socialism? Um, you might want to rethink that one.

At the end of it all, it’s really none of my business, but that has never stopped me (or anyone in the real media) from shooting my mouth off.

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