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Black Friday, Movember Perils, Liars and #OldieButGoody Tweets

Black Friday looms this week, with American Thanksgiving this Thursday. Black Friday may be starting Thursday night (and online even earlier). I don’t plan on joining in with the orgy of spending that is predicted (and even more for Cyber Monday), but I will see if there are any cheaper Solid State Drives (SSD), which might tempt me.

How many people will die in the stampede to get the new Furby? How many will be trampled under a herd of shoppers attempting to get an iPad Mini? What gets me is that Canada is getting into the act as well. Our Thanksgiving is in October, remember?

For those like me enjoying Movember, there are some perils involved. Evidently, facial hair is a bacterial sponge (according to Microbiologists), so make sure that you are washing your mustache, and combing it out (don’t want any little critters to be taking up residence there either). Mrs. C8j is not happy with it, but is allowing it (for now), but I suspect on December 1st there will be some more shaving done.

On the Twitter Feed, lots of interesting stuff about worrying and money too:

  •  Loveless, Sexless Marriages and Money was me ripping off Preet for a comment he made on a CBC panel discussing debt load and Canadians, money screws up many relationships, be careful.
  • Are you Losing Sleep because of Money Worries, join the club, I think money and children are the two major reasons folks lose sleep.
  • With life and  money Time Waits for No One, so keep that one in mind, if you feel like you are wasting your time.
  • The Best Financial Advice I ever received was from my Dad and I wrote about it six years ago, but I think it still is relevant now.
  • Men’s Health is a touchy subject but thanks to erectile dysfunction medications, more men are seeing their GP (I am not kidding).
  • With Encouragement: Be Persistent I point out that failure sometimes must come before success, you just need to figure that out.

Some have argued that the Internet has made us bigger liars, but, is it? Our friends at Ted, discuss this very point:

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