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Welcome to Advent, Decembeard and #OldieButGoodie Tweets for a Sunday

Welcome to Advent as today is the first Sunday in Advent, in the Christian tradition. You can now turn on your lights and I will not look down my nose at you, nor will I wag my finger at you (turning on your Christmas lights in November is not cool folks). The traditions of Advent according to my expert Mrs C8j (who while having an astonishing rack, still is rumored to be a Nun) are Waiting, Preparing and Anticipating. Preparation is pretty darn obvious with all the shopping, and putting up of lights and such, however, waiting is another story. I have been at too many Christmas parties where waiting was not practiced (i.e. getting blotto, and then xerox’ing your butt and leaving a copy on your boss’s desk). Show some restraint this holiday season, folks.

Movember is over, but for some of us, that simply means the beginning of Decembeard. I grew a Van Dyke/Goatee looking furry thing, and I have been given the green light by Mrs. C8j to keep it for now (however, should it become unruly, it may disappear one night).

Adventures in Tweety Land

If you are part of my twitter posse, you saw some of these, and if you aren’t, why not? If you were last week you would have seen my reaction to the infamous Grey Cup Halftime show, and yesterday there were actually a great deal of #DeepThoughts on the feed as well:

Standard advice really for all young folks. Debt is a very bad thing.

The age old question, where should the money go, but there will eventually be a follow up describing the final solution.

The word brilliant maybe is a slight over statement, but it was quick!

Fear is an emotion that can either paralyze people or motivate them, what does it do for you?

Just because you did something, doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to undo all of your good works in one shot.

Buying a car can be a very interesting time if you are not careful, and needless to say when me and my wife go out, interesting things do happen.



So for your video add in of the week, I give you the following very odd, non-video, it is actually an alleged call into a Radio Morning show, that is a very literal interpretation of what Deer Crossing signs actually are for:

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