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Christmas Financial Cliff

Many of us are going to face the Christmas Financial Cliff in January (so a little later than our friends down south).

The Christmas Financial Cliff is when all those Credit Card bills that you forgot about during the Christmas carnage of shopping, suddenly appear on your doorstep, and you must pay up.

My Favorite Cliffs in Dover

How bad could this be? My guess is that if you don’t have a plan in place, and are just going to madly go into stores, or burn the midnight oil ordering stuff from Amazon (pre wrapped, mind you), you will over spend and the consequences will be the inevitable question for January: Groceries or Credit Card Debt?

The hard part about the Christmas Financial Cliff is that the fault lays solely on you (which makes things easier doesn’t it?). The other problem you have is that you can’t increase taxes to increase your income, but you could claim you will lower your spending so you can afford to pay things off ( yeh right, whatever juicy rationalization helps you sleep ).

You can thank Mrs. C8j for this topic!

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