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Love is Forgiving the Unforgivable (Reader Participation)

I read that platitude on another website and at first thought the post about it was quite good, arguing that the statement was an impossibility ( if it is unforgivable how can you forgive it?), but then I started wondering about the format of the statement and know that I have seen this form of gibberish before:

{Important Life Verb} is _____ing the Un____able

I guess this was a precursor in the writing world to Twitter (i.e. getting an inane point down in 144 characters or less) (remember to follow the Big Cajun Man Twitter Feed).

Pyromania is burning the unburnable!

I then started thinking of how you could fit this innocuous format into a financial format and came up with some quite vapid phrases that you can feel free to use on your friends:

Saving is NOT spending the unspendable

This one is actually quite logical, since the unspendable is money you don’t have, or money you should not spend! The opposite of that might be:

Debt is spending the unspendable

Seems pretty clear and also true.

Profit is selling the unsellable

I have some salesman friends who believe that is where they make the most of their money, selling the things that others thought were unsellable.

Hoarding is valuing the invaluable

Had to change it a little to be grammatically correct, however, that is really how hoarding starts for lots of folks, valuing stuff that really has no value to you (any more).

Investing is believing the unbelievable

For me a lot of the time, buying some of the more interesting stocks has meant I have believe something I should have not believed (i.e. Nortel), oh well. This is much less the case if you do passive investing techniques.

Blogging is writing the unreadable

Now this comment I have heard about many sites (including this one), whether it is true, I will leave with you gentle reader.

Any that I might have missed? I invite you good reader to add your platitude that fits the above format (maybe with a short explanation).

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