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Canajun Finances Home » Advent, McAfee, Chanukah and #OldieButGoodie Tweets for a Sunday

Advent, McAfee, Chanukah and #OldieButGoodie Tweets for a Sunday

Advent continues on merrily, hopefully you are having fun with it. If you have been reading my twitter feed, you have seen that I have resurrected my Financial Advent Calendar (from many years ago) in the land of 144 characters or less! It was fun when I did it a few years ago, hopefully it is still topical.

Happy Chanukah!

John McAfee may have made some OK anti-virus and a lot of money from it, but his life is currently tabloid fodder. He has been accused of murder, he has been on the run, and he eventually got found because a photographer posted a photo of Mr. McAfee, which had GPS coordinates in the meta-data. The Meta-data in any picture you post on the web should be wiped (if we learn anything from this interesting story). Hopefully, Mr. Norton is leading a quieter life.

For those claiming there is a war on Christmas, lighten up, wish folks Merry Christmas and move on with your life. If there is a war on Christmas, Christmas is winning!

Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends as well, I couldn’t find a video of Adam Sandler singing either Chunukah song.

Twitter Land

In my version of the Twit-o-sphere there were some quite interesting oldies that I found, along with some retweets of some of my favorite writers:

Advent Calendar


One of my biggest issues with my co-workers is the same problem that most women have with the men in their lives; they don’t listen, and they try to solve problems too damn quickly! Don’t believe me? Watch this interesting video from our friends at Ted.Com

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  1. It seems Macafee has gone off the deep end. I read in some of the initial reports that he’s all hopped up on those bath salts drugs. I’m not surprised, it makes me wonder when a rich American leaves the U.S. for some tiny country if they’re not doing so because lax laws elsewhere let them indulge in behavior (like drugs) that’s not acceptable in the U.S.

  2. “If people don’t wish to be helped, then leave them alone. Passion for growth… knowledge is available. Don’t tell them what to do, listen to them.”

    Excellent video, I hope others watch it. Great humour (those lucky hippos), and a serious message. We can learn more from others by listening. Thanks for sharing this, made my morning! Mr.CBB

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