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I Don’t Have Time To Learn All This!

Many folks complain that they do not have time for their financial education, and to that, I say, Mule Muffins! (apologies for the salty words).

financial education

If you want to expand your financial education in general there are so many ways to get good information you are kidding yourself if you say you don’t have time to learn (and you are doing yourself damage financially as well).

The good news is you already have started, because you are reading this blog (and hopefully many other Financial Blogs (look in the right column on this page if you are reading it in a browser). Good for you, you get a gold star for this, but there is so much more you can be doing to get your financial IQ up.

There are financial podcasts all over the place, our friend Preet has a great one, which you should listen to and there are countless other ones. Financial E-Books are everywhere so you can read or listen to so much information, that will enrich your understanding of the world of finances.

Financial Education While Driving?

You don’t have time, you say? Horse Hockey! If you commute to work, there is your time right there.

  • If you drive, can you connect your listening device to your car’s radio system? Then, you are in, put all the audio financial info you can find on that device and listen away. That is where I listen to podcasts and interesting financial books.
  • If you take the bus, you have many options: You can either read using an e-reader or your tablet (or even a printed book (how old school is that)); or listen with your favourite audio device. While taking the bus downtown, I listened to countless books. Reading the paper is acceptable for the commute, but you can do more

This all sounds expensive does it? Horse Fritters! Remember your library is your friend and in Ottawa we have a wonderful collection of all kinds of e-books, audiobooks and written books to fill your educational gap. If you are in Ottawa and don’t use the library (and maybe donate some money if you are), you are not taking advantage of this valuable resource. You can download audiobooks and listen to them straight from there.

In the New Year, your resolutions about losing weight, working harder and not kicking the dog so much, while important, pale in comparison to expanding your financial education, go do that now (don’t wait for the new year).

Canajun Finances Home » I Don’t Have Time To Learn All This!

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  1. “Time” has nothing to do with it. People find time for the things they want to do. They do not understand the subject or are afraid of it, but they are not motivated to overcome that obstacle.

      1. Agreed about the fear of learning. There is more to it though. people are used to getting things handed to them on a silver plate.

        I am 51 years old and in college. This semester my grades were an average of an A. My job right now is to go to school and graduate so that I can get a job. That to me is my job so I bust my backside to get the best marks I can

        Many of the younger students just don’t show up for class, don’t hand in assignments, and think because they are pretty the instructor will just give them bonus marks on the assignments they do hand in. That is what happened in high school and it worked then didn’t it? So when they fail, they are shocked. Just like pennies adding up to dollars, those 1% assignments along with exams and quizzes add up to 100%. Don’t do them at your own peril.

        It is up to US to learn what we need to accomplish our goals. Be it in college or in life. Don’t expect it to be served on a silver plate!

        1. Yup, my Dad commented that when he went to College in the early 50’s the most dedicated students were the ones who had been soldiers or had done their selected services (this was in the UK). I’d LOVE to find time to get back to college, but right now, I kinda got a career I have to keep doing.

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