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Respecting Financial Resolutions

Given all the different articles being written about Financial Resolutions for 2013, and I feel that I should show due respect for my resolutions, so here they are:

Possibly My 2013 New Year Resolutions (but don't tell Mrs. C8j)
Possibly My 2013 New Year Resolutions (but don’t tell Mrs. C8j)

For those who cannot read my scratching on a napkin (yes an actual napkin), let me fill you in:

  1. Stop spending so much (on the kids and such)
  2. Be more honest about our money (if I am gonna get caught)
  3. Stop being so hard on myself about money, too much stress
  4. Write down every purchase & keep all receipts in a box, then burn the box in June

Hope this helps with your resolutions, but my guess I may not follow them too closely either.

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  1. I suppose the real challenge is how big of a fire you’ll be having in June! *grin*

    Great post. I got a good laugh out of your light-hearted look at New Years resolutions.

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