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Glimpse at the BCM for Free Style Sunday Thoughts

I didn’t feel like regurgitating my tweets for the week as a good use for a Sunday post, so I have retired that idea (although I would suggest that you join my Twitter Feed to read my and some of my other favorite tweets for the week). I am not sure that free style Sundays will last either, and even if they do, don’t expect them every Sunday either, when I feel the urge, I will be writing.

This week I tried to start a new thread in the blog, and that is giving my regular readers (all 10 of you) a glimpse into my life with a hope of maybe understanding the motivation behind some of my posts. I’ll be writing more in the coming weeks mostly about the financial side of having a disabled child to hopefully help those out there in similar (or worse) circumstances than Mrs. C8j and I are in.

As I mentioned my son is on the Autism spectrum, however, he is not that badly off (comparatively speaking). There are parents that I have met, and friends that have kids that have a much harder time, with children that are in much more need of help than our son is. Our financial equation is however quite unique thanks to the fact that my son is quite young and I have a second generation of daughters who are in University (or graduated).

We are lucky in that we have learned a great deal about the educational system from our daughters who had learning disabilities of their own. I will be writing about the issues we have run into with our son in the coming week, so stay tuned for that thread.

As for the reason I write, I have said this before, but it does bear repeating, this is mostly a cathartic stream of thought for me, to remind me what I have done right, but mostly what I have done wrong (financially) in my 50 odd years on this planet.

I will also open up a suggestion box for my regular readers. If you have any ideas that you want me to write about (other than ranting about Debt and how it’s a terrible thing) send me an e-mail with the title:  Suggestion Box: {suggested title}  and maybe give me any ideas that you have (and if you send me a request to Guest Post I will most likely add you to a black list and not read anything else from you). Send the e-mail to  bigcajunman @  .

Here is a question for you, to leave in the comments here: Is it important for your to receive a follow up e-mail if you leave a comment on this site (telling you I have replied to your comment?).

Enjoy your Sunday.


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  1. I’ll pass on the email, thanks. The first one I get would get tagged as spam. Besides, the blog already has a box you can check that says ‘notify me of follow-up comments by email’. Isn’t that already doing what you’re considering?

    I’ll chime in once again and encourage you to write as much as you can about the financial side of having a disabled child. Particularly with regards to gov’t benefits. There’s few if any online resources for this information.

  2. Hey mate,
    Yes, a follow-up email saying that someone commented (even you) on a comment made would be lovely. That way if the commenter asked a question the original commenter could reply. The likelihood of me going back to a comment without this feature is slim to none as there are so many blogs out there I comment on. Hope that helps mate. Have a great week.

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