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Family Day in Ontario

Today in Ontario (and Alberta too I think) it is Family Day, a vacation created by the provincial governments for folks to get a break in February, which is a good enough reason for me, however, I don’t get this day off.

Stores will be closed (at least some will), Banks will be closed, there is no garbage pick up, however, all Federal Offices should be open, because no Federal Employee (in Canada that is) actually get this day off. I know there are few folks crying about this one, but it is actually fair, given we do get Remembrance Day off (or as we call it in Ottawa, PRE-Black Friday!!!!).

Enjoy the day off, for those that do get the day off. In my case so many folks are taking this day off as vacation, it is effectively a day off for me as well, so I get to catch up on a bunch of stuff in the office too.

The best part for those folks in Ottawa who do get the day off is that everything is open in Gatineau, so there will be a rush over the bridges to buy beer and such cheaper in Quebec.

TurboTax Giveaway Winners have been notified as well, however, if anyone from HRBlock or Ufile wants to donate some licenses to me, I am good with giving them away too! Giveaways where you send licenses via e-mail are much easier to run than giving away books and such.

Oh, and feel free to leave a comment making derogatory remarks about how you have today off and I don’t, however, remember, I will respond in kind (yup, it’s that kind of day).



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  1. Well, it was Family day LAST weekend for me here in BC so I spent my Monday morning writing an Accounting midterm on your Family day. So I feel for you as last weekend I spent working on assignments rather than being with my family, who are all in Ontario/Quebec. It was a day of work for me on both your Family day and mine. Ah, the life of a student. But, it will end one day, and I will be a happy camper when it does. This work stuff really gets in the way of doing nothing, doesn’t it…

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