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Keep it in Your Pants!

An interesting turn of phrase isn’t it? The term is clearly used in a derogatory fashion by both Women and Men and might have a sexual connotation  if you think about it for a minute, however, it also has a very strong financial message.

Don't be whipping this out in public!
Don’t be whipping this out in public! Keep that Bad Boy in your Trousers!

What are 3 things you should be keeping in your pants?

  • Your Wallet, if you don’t whip it out, you won’t spend your hard-earned cash.
  • Your Money, if you won’t have a wallet. Don’t leave your money clip hanging out, or you’ll lose it
  • Your Credit Cards, keep those hot little babies in your pocket and you’ll have less debt

And when I say that, I mean keep them there, don’t take them out (not a simple suggestion of where to store these things).

You want to keep your money? Keep it in your pants (better still keep it in your bank, but leaving it in your trousers is a good start). Of course, those with a UK background, might comment on the use of “pants” and not “trousers” (since pants are the things you wear under your trousers (or slacks)), but be that as it may, keep your money in your trousers and you will save it!

If you need something to whip out, whip out a few pennies and put them in a donation box!

Anything else you should keep in your pants?

Yes, I stole this premise from Blazing Saddles!

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  1. Love it! Its hard to keep it in your pants sometimes, its just so easy to spend money. But if you keep it in your pants you might just find you’re able to live within your means.

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