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Where is My Money ?

For those who are Family Guy fans, one of my favourite scenes is a very violent bit of silliness where Brian the Dog borrows money from Baby Stewie (his protagonist in the show) and Stewie wants his money back. I won’t include a video, since I can’t find an official link anywhere, however, the phrase used is an excellent question that everyone should ask anyone who touches their finances:

“… where’s my money?…”

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You are asking yourself, this show is inane, crude and rude, how can it have great advice? Allow me to elaborate:

  • Say you go to your financial advisor and he (or she) only is sending you “invoices” or “reports” on their own forms, and you are starting to wonder what is going on? The question you should ask is, “Where is MY Money?“. You need to know where exactly your money is being invested, and proof that it is happening.
  • You gave your kids cash to go buy some groceries, and you know there should be change? The question you should ask is, “Where is MY Money?” because you know they won’t give you the change unless you ask.
  • You loaned a family member money, and they keep avoiding you or worse, buy fake mustaches to disguise themselves? The question you should ask is, “Where is MY Money?” (if you can find them), since it is your money, and you should have it back.

It’s your money, you are allowed to ask, “Where is MY Money?

Oh, and have you heard?

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  1. I often wonder and ask “where is my money” days after payday. Such really a headache sometimes.

  2. I always asked for the change! It was only my choice to let them keep it. There is a lesson in that too.

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