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The Smith Manoeuvre (revisited )

My opinion of the Smith Manoeuvre has not changed, however, I resurrect the old chestnut to talk about this topic, and point out that while some folks have made this work, I am not in any way recommending this, nor saying it is a good idea, there is no way I would ever do this.

A while back I put up a post about the Smith Manoeuvre which seems to have caused a lot of hits for my site (I have figured out how to do that, so it is kind of cool to see what folks really think is interesting on my site). I do not condone this “tax twist” for Canada (those in the states I am sure are going, what do you mean you can’t write off your mortgage interest payments), but I was quite interested to see I get a lot of Google hits from this one little post. I have included the text for those who are too lazy to follow my link on top as well.

Interesting, but again, please don’t run out and do this thinking I am saying it is a good idea, it is very risky!!!!

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