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Old Bar B Q’s and flames

It’s been a very long week for me, recovering from CPFC13 and getting back to work, so here is a fun post from 2008 (originally) about why you should replace your Old Bar B Q’s, before things might go boom.

Some of you may remember last year I did a case study on which was cheaper replacing the burner on my Bar B Q or buying a new one? This story is an Epilogue to that story. I originally posted this on my family’s private blog, but I figured it was worth sharing for a Saturday Funny.

Is the Label Supposed to Be On Fire?

That was a good question asked by my daughter on Wednesday, looking at our Bar B Q.

My wife had started the Bar B Q (the ancient Bar B Q), and was playing soccer with our son in the backyard (waiting for the Q, to warm up). Time passed and the game continued waiting for the impending cooking of raw meat on flame.

Nothing like a Bloggers Rant to allow me to use the old A-Bomb Picture
OK, the Flames weren’t this high

My oldest daughter came out of the house and saw that the label on the Bar B Q (the one at the bottom where the knobs to turn the gas feed up and down (you know, where the propane and air mix)) was bubbling and burning.

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She asked, “Should the label be on fire?”, and my wife turned to see flames engulfing the bottom of the Bar B Q, this being an awful thing since the flame could ignite the propane tank, thus causing an explosion that might blow a lot of windows out of the back of my house (not to mention blowing up some of my children).

My spouse ran over quickly, shut off the gas, showing great calm under pressure (I wasn’t there, so for all I know, she was yelling obscenities and pushing small children out of the way, but I’d like to think she showed grace under pressure (Rush 1982)).

Luckily nothing exciting happened after that (except we had a delicious Swiss Chalet dinner instead of burnt flesh).

We will buy a brand new Bar B Q this long weekend.

No worries about disposing of the old Bar B Q, as they disappear off the front curb in seconds on garbage day.

Almost reminiscent of a dear old friend and his Bar B Q, which caused a chain reaction that lives on in the history of  Barrhaven, but that story is for another time.

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  1. Spend the money and get a good solid brand name this time. You’ll have a nicer grill (more even heating, nicer workspace, etc) and have to replace fewer parts. BBQ’s are one of those places where spending extra money is well worth it.

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