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Canajun Finances Home » Financial Advice Ignored (Askholes)

Financial Advice Ignored (Askholes)

George Takei posted an exciting point about folks who ask for advice over and over and then never take the advice (and seem to do the opposite of the advice). The turn of phrase coined was #Askholes (a bit politically incorrect, but I am anything if I am not edgy).

I sometimes wonder whether some folks who ask the same questions to me are Financial #Askholes ?

I enjoy discussing with folks about money and giving them some ideas that they can go investigate further, but there do seem to be some folks who simply do not take even the most elementary advice like:

  • Why are you investing in hedge funds or risky stocks when you still have debt? Why don’t you pay down debt? Debt paydown has a guaranteed payback; your hedge fund doesn’t.
  • Planning for retirement is fine, but if you retire with debt, it won’t matter how much you save, you are eroding those savings with debt now.
  • Pay down debt. Seriously, I am not kidding, but I get told I am being far too simple.

Are there other financial #askhole questions that you have been asked that were completely ignored (or worse the converse was done), by the #askhole involved?

Canajun Finances Home » Financial Advice Ignored (Askholes)

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  1. Donny @ Personal Income

    Most people who ask for financial advice never apply the advice that they receive. It is better for them to just hire a financial advisor to take care of their financial situations.

  2. Yep, Bet’s right! People just keep asking hoping that eventually you’ll give them the answer they want to hear. It’s as annoying as #$%*!

  3. I wonder if these ask-ers are the grownup children from families where if the kid asked the same question over and over eventually the parent changed his/her mind and said Yes?

    So they’re hoping if they ask repeatedly whether it’s ok to buy a $275 wallet while still in uni and not earning any money, they are really hoping for you to suddenly say “why yes, sure, you’re worth it!” instead of “what were you thinking?! No one will even SEE the wallet. Are you an idiot?” and all the other real replies. (Yes, many years later I vividly remember being asked this question. I still think she was an idiot.)

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