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Financial Life is Pain

“Life is Pain anybody who says differently is selling something”

The Princess Bride – William Goldman

This pessimistic sounding bit of commentary comes from my favourite movie, “The Princess Bride“, but at times financially life is pain does seem to be the case.

The Princess Bride
My Favorite Movie (and you can buy it here from Amazon)

Financials are not easy and it takes a degree of pain and sacrifice to get it done, and to succeed (i.e. “Life is pain…”). More importantly there is an entire industry for “get rich quick” schemes out there that fits the second part of the statement (i.e. “… anybody who says differently is selling something”).

The same can be said for most things in life worth having, but in the case of money, finances, saving and debt fighting none of it is easy (it’s easy to write about, but a lot harder to carry out). At times I sound flippant with my commentaries about fighting Debt, but that is not my goal, my goal is to convince those who think it is too hard to start, that it is easier than you might think (and yes it will be hard, as well, but again, nothing in life worth having is easy).

Oh and if you have a problem with my contention that it’s easy to start, but hard to keep going on financial plans, let me give you another quote from the movie:


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