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Happy New Year 2014

Welcome to the Future, today is the first day of 2014, and I wish you and your loved ones all the best in this coming year. Happy New Year 2014!

Welcome to a New Year
Welcome to a New Year

Meanwhile in Canada

The maximum EI rates will rise by $23 , and CPP premiums will rise $140 for folks earning at least $52,500 a year. Yes, your wallet does feel a little lighter, doesn’t it?

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  1. Just when I get the numbers memorized for my payroll exam, they go and change em.
    sigh… And what is with this memorizing information? When I am on the job, I can look up the information I need when I need it so why memorize it in the first place? Besides when the computer is updated, after the testing and checking that is carried out, the computer does all the math! growl!!!!

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