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What Happens When Your Daughter Gives you a Pig?

One of the more interesting gifts I received for Christmas in 2013 was an interesting gift from my youngest daughter.

All of my daughters know (and I think read) this site, and hopefully some of what I write about has rubbed off on them (well I can hope), which brings me to this interesting gift.

What does this gift mean?
What does this gift mean?

This is the Money Savvy Pig designed to teach kids about money choices and how to set financial goals. It’s an interesting idea and evidently, it is not recommended for kids under the age of 3, but how many folks are teaching their 3-year-olds about financial goals?

The more interesting question is, what was my daughter saying with this gift? Is it a gag gift? Is it a jab at my Dad the Financial Blogger? A hint that I should save more money for her education? Interesting question, any ideas out there? Oh, and yes, there is no money in it yet (if you look closely at the picture).

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  1. What a brilliant gift! I’ll probably buy one of these for each of my nieces and nephews. (Since some of their parents never grasped these 4 concepts, I’d put much more faith in a blue, plastic pig teaching them.)

    1. It does look rather neat really. I had a bank that separated pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters when I was younger. The penny pile filled up way too fast, but I knew the Quarter pile was where the money was!

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