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Canajun Finances Home » TurboTax Giveaway: What would you rather be doing?

TurboTax Giveaway: What would you rather be doing?

The nice folks at TurboTax have given me (again) 5 (five) codes to use their TurboTax on-line system, and now all I have to do is give them out.

Now how should we do this? Previously I really enjoyed the Two Line Financial Horror story challenge, which was quite terrifying to read (and judge), however this time we will go for something a little simpler.

This year’s challenge, answer the following question in the comments to this post:

I’d rather be _____ than doing my taxes

I realize for some who really love the tax system (I’m looking at you Blunt Bean Counter) they can’t fill this in, but for the rest of us common folks, it shouldn’t be that hard, can it?

Submit your answer in the comments and I will be announcing the winner(s), on Thursday January 23rd. You must include an e-mail address where you can be reached to be a winner. I will send you an e-mail “pinging” you if you are a winner, you have 24 hours to respond, if you don’t I will move on to the next entry.

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  1. A bit late for the contest…

    I’d rather be doing….. oh wait can’t mention that here.

    I don’t mind tax time, seems the government owes me every year.

  2. I would rather be sticking hot needles through my eye while listening to Bieber sing than doing my taxes.


  3. I’d rather be renovating my walk out basement to create that apartment that will give me enough income I can live essentially rent free.

  4. I’d rather be scrapping hard packed ice off my car…
    Repairing the window that was broken by a fallen tree limb…
    Swabbing out the basement…
    Cleaning disgusting rotted food out of my freezer…
    And doing physio to help heal my twisted ankle.

  5. I’d rather be doing my Payroll Fundamentals 1 course homework than doing my taxes!

    The instructor is AWESOME!!! But ya, Homework???? sigh… Nobody likes homework, but taxes even less!

  6. I’d rather be doing my own taxes than asking my mother to do them yet again. (Um, I’m 36 and I pull my own and my spouses info together, but my mom has turbo tax and all of our previous data so I just ask her to do it as opposed to doing it myself. This year my daughter has to file taxes. I can’t bear to ask my mom to do my kids’ taxes. The fact I shared this is embarrassing enough).

  7. I guess I’m similar to Blunt Bean Counter, as “I’d rather be doing other peoples taxes than doing my taxes.” I know it’s crazy, but being a numbers guy, I already know what my numbers look like, so this way I would get to see others numbers – Cheers

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