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By the Time You Have a Colonoscopy It’s Too Late

In 2014 I joined the ranks of the soon-to-be-viewed as old (if not already old) by having my first Colonoscopy (or endoscopy, if you wish), and what struck me was the fact that most of the other patients at the clinic were older than I was (except for one young lad who was having specific issues).

Seriously, this is not the time to be thinking about your retirement.

The idea that hit me just as I was passing out from the sedation was:

“If you haven’t thought about your retirement by the time you have your first colonoscopy, you are in very big trouble”.

Big Cajun Man Theory of Retirement planning.

This is not to belittle or make light of having a colonoscopy. Still, if you are having this procedure, you are most likely in your early 50’s or late 40’s and if retirement savings haven’t crossed your mind by that time in your life you are either going to work until you die or not retire (which is the same thing I suppose).

I have some strange ideas at the oddest moments, don’t I? It might have been the sedation talking, I suppose.

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  1. Congratulations on having a colonoscopy. Having lost two dear relatives to colon cancer, I strongly recommend this simple test to everyone. You are sedated so you don’t have to know about what they’re doing. And, yes, it can be uncomfortable to get ready for the test but it’s only one day vs hundreds of days of treatment and chemo and other problems.

    And best wishes for HEALTHY retirement!

  2. Interesting take on retirement vs colonoscopy. I’m 63, retired & haven’t had one of those yet. My doctor hasn’t even brought up the subject. Did it hurt after?

  3. Yeah, I have to say a little odd to be thinking about that as you’re being sedated for your first colonoscopy. but you’re very right. If you haven’t started thinking about your retirement by that time you’re in big trouble. I actually fear for a lot of people who find themselves in that position.

    1. “… fear for a lot of people who find themselves in that position….” HIYO!!!! Well put sir. Yes, I am assuming you mean the financial side of things, not the lying on your side as you are being probed.

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