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Last Minute Financial Love Day Gifts

Love Day (aka St. Valentine’s Day ) is very soon. I am sure you are rushing around trying to find that special someone, the perfect Financial Gift of Love. Let me pass on some hints to get your loved one’s financial heart fluttering.

  • Nothing says love more than a dozen rosy red bills deposited into your loved one’s RRSP, which means $600 to be enjoyed at retirement. Also, a sumptuous tax rebate for you or for them. I bet that got your blood pounding just thinking of that.
  • If you have children that you think are very important. If you want to show your undying care for them, what says more than a dozen chocolate-brown bills in their RESP? If you put $1200 in your child’s RESP, they will receive more love from the Government in the form of a CESG of $240. Goodness, is it getting warm in here?
  • Are you trying to impress someone or catch their eye? How about putting 2 dozen gorgeously green bills into your TFSA. Leave them the deposit slip, with a note attached saying, “In 10 years this could be worth double, TAX FREE”. See if that gets their attention.
  • What says love more than a stack of 50 Golden gleaming one-dollar coins? What better place to put them than in a loved one’s RDSP? That money may then double, just on that deposit. That is for their future, and you are showing your love there (no, this one I am not being sarcastic on, you should do this).

All of these ideas are far better financially than spending $80 on roses and about $250 on a meal out with your loved one. Will your loved one be as excited about them? Somehow, my guess might be, an emphatic NO!

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