The Financial Zen of Roger Sterling

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Yes, one of my favorite TV characters is Roger Sterling ® of Mad Men™ (interpreted and played by John Slattery). The writing for this character is astoundingly funny and at times poignant (but not often) and Mr. Slattery oozes a combination of charm and sleaze at the same time. What could a Narcissistic, Aloof, Somewhat Racist Madison Avenue Advertising Exec with a horrible Drinking and Smoking habit have to say about money (aside from the fact that he carries around over $400 cash (in the 1960’s when $400 is like $4000 now))? Not much but let’s see if we can match some of his finest commentary to money and issues financial.

“We know there’s a black spot on the X-ray – you don’t have to keep tapping your finger on it.”

I think Roger Sterling is actually making an accusatory comment at we financial bloggers, who always speak of gloom and doom, and maybe we should just keep that to ourselves, or better still give some  tangible advice on how to make things better.

Roger Sterling Modern Day Poet
Photo Courtesy Rolling Stone Magazine

“My mother always said, ‘Be careful what you wish for because you’ll get it. And then people get jealous and try and take it away from you.'”

Very true as well, more of a lament on the current Tax System in Canada, where once you get what you wished for, you are heavily taxed for having it, or in the case of your house, and how much other folks want it.

“I’m just acknowledging that life, unlike this analysis, will eventually end and somebody else will get the bill.”

Of course Roger is commenting about the importance of having your Will and Power of Attorney documentation in order because you never know when you might actually pass away.

“I bet there were people walking around in the Bible complaining about kids today.”

I believe the quotation “Jesus wept“, is actually Jesus commenting about how young folks today really don’t know enough about finances or money. Certainly it is a lament most financial bloggers have about the younger generation (and other folks in general).

“I have an announcement to make. It’s going to be a beautiful day.”

Remembering that this was after Roger had “dropped acid”, we’ll just assume that he is commenting about no matter how bad things get financially, they can always get better.

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  • bigcajunman February 19, 2014, 2:36 PM

    At least I didn’t claim to be Don Draper, I think I actually look more like Bert Cooper.


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