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After the past few weeks of fun and excitement on the Web, I have decided to practice what I preach by starting to decrease my Electronic Footprint.  The Heartbleed Bug will mean that we must all go and change all of our passwords and such to get back to a less vulnerable stance (sorry I have been watching MI-5 on Netflix).

One of the first steps I have taken is to minimize financial issues, and I had a small account with Mint.com, which was mostly to just try things out, that I have deleted.  The account was not being used, all it did was tell me once a month that  one of my credit cards has a balance, but no longer.

The reasons for cancelling this part of my electronic footprint:

Electronic Security


  • The account was not being used and all it could do was act as a gateway for “bad folk” to break into my financial life and crap all over the place.
  • Mint while an interesting service, can cause a great deal of consternation with your financial providers as well, if your account is cracked and used for bad things. I am not sure if your bank could do anything, but I don’t think you want to expose yourself to any possible jeopardy from sharing your banking information.
  • It is one less password and user id to remember or worry about.

I actually have a very long list of user ids and passwords that I will now be going through to decide to either:

  1. Change the password to something new
  2. Delete the account because I can’t justify having this “possible security hole” still existing

Oh, and understand that a lot of accounts if you “DELETE” them, they don’t actually go away (e.g. Facebook), so remember to read carefully what happens if you try to DELETE an account.


  • Beth April 23, 2014, 8:02 PM

    Just deleted my unused Mint account! Thank you for the reminder.

  • schultzter April 22, 2014, 10:35 AM

    I like trying new services, so I’ve got accounts everywhere. When it comes to finance though nothing gets linked to my actual accounts unless I really Really REALLY want to (and so far Cash Edge was the only one I ever used to link accounts).

    As for passwords, I use PasswordMaker.org. It’s an algorithm with various implementations. You never store a password and you get a unique password for every web site.


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