A Financial Plan B Revisited

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About 4 years ago I wrote asking What is Your Financial Plan B ? This queried whether you were ready for when life hands you a ton of feces, in your life (specifically financial bad things or feces).

My definition of Plan B from the original post was:

Rest In Peace , Wills,What is your financial plan B? Plan B, typically is the name given to the steps you must take if your first plan fails, or is in someway derailed, and everyone should at least have a generic Plan B for their finances to deal with a catastrophic failure of some kind?

Having a Plan B, and knowing that you need to jump to it, are an important part of your financial life.

What should Plan B include?

  • A Will, and Power of Attorney(s) for financial and health decisions, if you don’t have that you really are asking for a mess should the final “change in plans” happens. Yes, it will cost money to get done, but it will make the lives of your loved ones simpler.
  • Two to three months of net pay in savings and/or No Debt. If you don’t have debt, then, OK, you don’t need a big “Holy Crap the Sky is Falling” fund, but if you have debts, you had better have a “Holy Sh*t Fund” (I don’t like calling it an Emergency Fund).
  • An up to date Resume, with a list of folks that you can use as references, and contact names to send it to, if you need to. Lay offs and such happen a great deal faster than you think they do.
  • A list of all financial accounts, including insurance policies, for those who survive you, or who have to take care of your life for a while.
  • Not really part of “Plan B” exactly, but, hopefully you had Insurance to make Plan B a little more workable. Life Insurance for the final “change in plans” at least (if you are married and have kids).

Any other Plan B things I am missing?

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