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Sure Fire Investing Scheme

For my throwback Thursday post I go back to something I wrote over 8 years ago, entitled Gambling: Sure Fire System, and it actually wasn’t just a sure-fire gambling system, it was also a can’t lose investing strategy as well.

What was I thinking? There is no such thing as either a Sure-Fire Investing or Gambling system, but as usual I went for the swerve, no, I would hopefully never write about a sure-fire gambling or investing system, the only sure-fire investing system is quite simple, invest in yourself (first, last and always),

Debt is like fat
Get in shape! Yes, round is a shape, however as you can see, it is not pretty!

You can try to find the greatest stock picks, but you can’t be sure about them, but if you work on yourself, you are going to make yourself better. What kind of investments in  yourself?

  • Education, learn something new, expand your horizons by learning about new things. Don’t criticize things you don’t understand, learn about them so you understand why they are “good” or “bad”. Take courses on topics you want to learn about, and you will not go wrong (even if you learn, you didn’t like the subject).
  • Get the hell in shape, lose some weight and make sure that you follow my first rule of retirement, Don’t Die! If you think you don’t have to work at this, you are mistaken. I am over 50 and my body is now punishing me for being out of shape, and I do not want to think of my retirement years being spent mostly in a wheelchair. Work on  your health and fitness level now.
  • Spend time with your family, and your spouse. Investing your time with your family can also assure that your retirement will be enjoyable as well. Relationships need your time don’t ignore them either.

Sure fire investing schemes? My last name isn’t Madoff, and we also know there are no sure things in investing, sports or gambling.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with your 2nd point. An investment in your body pays dividends right out of the gate. I’m no underwear model, myself, but I can feel the difference when I haven’t exercised in a couple days.

    1. Currently I am a “Before” model, and will hopefully have a much better After photo (but it is going to take time). It is much harder to get BACK in shape when you are over 50, so get in shape LONG before that and you won’t have to work so hard at it (much like saving money).

  2. Investing time with your family is a key to financial success: just ask anyone who had to split their life savings with a former spouse. And of course even if splitting up is never a risk, nurturing an even better closer relationship with the people we love is always a good way to spend our time.

  3. I agree with you that the best investing scheme is in yourself. Many of us think we have the answers to financial bliss but investing in ourselves and our families is one thing we know for certain will be a hit!

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